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Northampton'S Premier Tattoo & piercing Studio

Bodification Tattoo

& Piercing Studio Ltd 

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Telephone : 01604 620303 


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Northampton's  Premier


Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio


established 17years, spacious premises  floors



2 full time Tattooer's and 1  Part time Tattooer, I female body Piercer 


Complies with all Northampton Borough Council Environment Health Standards. Hospital Standard Autoclave, New Sterile Needles, ink Caps etc., for Every Client, Client Health and Safety is of Paramount Important to us - accept nothing less than these standards. 

Large reception with hundreds of designs to choose from, you can speak to one of our very experienced tattooer's, regarding custom work, the tattooer will work with you to find the best options and design, there is no charge for design work. Remember a tattoo is for a long time, so take your time in choosing 

Please view our galleries for samples of our work

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                                Opening hours Monday to Saturday from 10.30am to 4.30pm,

                                             later appointments by arrangEment.


Tattoo Prices Start at £25.00 this is our set up cost, (new needles, ink caps etc.,)you would get a small design -name, small flower etc.,for this price

Our Hourly rate is £60.00 per hour

 Larger Pieces can be done over several sittings


You Have to be Aged 18 and Over for a Tattoo-

its the law 



Piercing Prices

                          Lip, Madonna, medusa     £2O per piercing

Tongue                                     £25 includes free bar change

Nose                                           £20

Navel, Nipple                         £20  each piercing


Ear :Tragus, Anti Tragus, Snug conch,£20   per piercing

Rook                                                             £25     per piercing

Pinner (Rim)                                              £20     Per piercing



Lobes  (over 10 years only)              £7.50     each lobe

this is the only area where a piercing machine is used, all other piercings needle only


Micro Dermals and Dermals Anchors         £20.00each                       

discount for multi piercings


for all specialist Piercing prices please call studio direct 

Information re surface piercingS 



Hip, Nape etc                            £25 each piercing


Please note all surface piercings are prone to rejection and will leave a scar

Please consider this before you decide on a

surface piercing